AURA TESTS - Shows Larger Aura



Aura Test - Body Energy Field Change When Using Vortex BioShield
Goal: To Discover if Proximity of Vortex BioShield 
Equipment: Kirlian Camera, Digital and 3D Kirlian Cameras ( by
Method  Taking Pictures  While Subject is on the Phone ans introducing the phohe, 
Monitoring Area   Observing Users Aura Size and  Density Change.
Test result Format Digital, 3D and Instant Photos
Image Frequency   Before and After
Subject:  From 115 to 250 lb, men and women
Duration: Min 15 sec Between Before and After Pictures
Test I: Aura-Bio Energetic Field When Talking on the phone Without BioShield
Test I Aura-Bio Energetic Field  When Talking on the phone With BioShield
Smaller Aura without Vortex BioShield
Larger Aura with Vortex BioShield
Difference Noticeable Aura Increase in Size and Density.

Conclusion: This test Shows Positive Qualitative Change in Users Energetic Field AURA

 Aura Pictures, Videos and 3D Aura Camera 

 BioEnergy Field Increases in size and density:

Vortex Bio Shield a small EMF protection device tested on 3D Aura Imaging camera ( woman 28, 105 LB)

Vortex Bio Shield tested on Man ( age 37, wt: 249 lb) while he is talking on the phone

Before and After ( credits: