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We use special crystals in all of our products. Crystals carry proprietary harmonic frequencies. Using sympathetic resonance crystals charge users energy field.
As a result new energetic field protects user from harmful EMF radiation effects.
Multiple tests show users energy field change and biofeedback machine clearly shows complete removal of the stress caused by EMF radiation. See test and result page
Some products carry more crystals than others based on the designated use: for instance the cell phone EMF radiation protectors carry less than ones for tablets or laptops, however the cell phone protectors have a direct contact with users hand, where as the ones for the laptop do not have a direct contact - they work by being in the energy field. Our product made in USA.
General product info:
1.   How EMF affects people
2.   Shielding, reflecting, deflacting, absorbing, blocking and     neutralizing negative effects of EMF
3.   Testing Methods for EMF protectors – general
4.   Our testing methods
5.   Test results
1.   How EMF effects people (research results).
There are two main ways radiation can damage DNA inside living cells. Radiation can strike the DNA molecule directly, ionizing and damaging it. Alternately, radiation can ionize water molecules, producing free radicals that react with and damage DNA molecules. See below.
On this penetration chart you can observe how the same phone has different penetration levels when used by person of different age. The cell phone puts out the same Electromagnetic Field   it is different because the size of the head and thickness of the scull bone. And it varies from about 23% to 75% approximately.
2. Shielding, reflecting, deflacting, absorbing, blocking and neutralizing negative effects of EMFMany words used to describe a EMF protection mechanism. We will be looking at final effect from the EMF shield when it is used or what is the negative effect from the EMF on the body itself, regardless which of this words one uses to describe the protection mechanism for now.

3. Testing Methods for EMF protectors – general
When displaying the efficiency of the EMF radiation protectors different techniques are used:
 -Kinsiology - most popular and widely used is a reflexology test (based on natural body reflexes - in essence its an old method to interpret positive or negative body reaction observing muscle response to determine if it is good for one, if it makes your muscles stronger it is good for you.) – is a very good tool for people who have used the technique for some time with clear understanding and ability for interpretation of muscle response, it is subjective and can be misleading for persons never used the technique - as a result it could be inconclusive and misleading for people not familiar with this technique. That is why we do not use this technique as a proof, however when used it will proof positive.
- The other technique employs electromagnetic field meter, Gauss Meter a device that measures electromagnetic field intensity put out by the cell phone or other Wi-Fi device. Whatever inconsistency in reading the tip of the Gauss Meter reads is irrelevant to the human body reaction; it is just a measure or magnetic disturbance caused by any object just because of physical presence. It will be ridiculous to use this experiment as evidence to prove that it reduces its effect on the human body because both human body and a cell phone have a 3D energy field around them and when artificial Wi-Fi EMF field interferes/ intrudes the human bio energetic field –Aura it causes stress as a result of this interference. When attacked by the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) human body trying to compensate for the offence because the artificial electromagnetic field interferes with the persons natural bio field causing stress to body systems and poor performance by stressing every cell, organ, system... the effect is accumulative and irreversible. In Difference to this we use a biofeedback technology to read a real reaction of the body (see below).  
5.   Test results.
We use tests reaction from actual cell phone users and their reactions, which includes  an FDA  approved diagnostic tools  to measure the body stress levels or the difference in human stress levels such as biofeedback machine .We use these techniques because and they show direct results - and all this tests show a positive effect when using our products - up to 99% of stress reduction of the stress caused by Wi-Fi Devices. Please see test and result page
Here are different test methods used:
-      Infrared camera shows lower facial temperatures

-      Spouting test

-      Energy field photos – Kirlian camera show increased energy field.

-      Biofeedback machine – shows complete removal of the stress caused by EMF radiation

-      User testimonials

Very important to know that all this tests can be recreated by anybody who has biofeedback machine, infrared camera, Kirlian camera or a pendulum. Please take our products to your friends that have any stress testing equipment and ask them to test our devises and you will see the difference.
Overall EMF Radiation effects can be compared to the effects that of alcohol. Just like in alcohol, negative effect depends on how often one uses it. age, weight and health condition