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Are Cell Phones Dangerous

Posted by David Menjivar on 7/3/2017 to EMF Protection

Wireless communication device uses radio frequency wave. Actually Radio Frequency Wave is a kind of electromagnetic energy which is made of magnetic energy and wave. It makes radiation which can be traveled through the space.  With the help of electromagnetic field we easily make or receive call. It helps in communication.

Today people like using cell phones, especially young generation loves smartphone and they spend long time with their phone. There are a lot of options and functions through which one can send message, access internet facility, can make video call, online chatting, and video conferencing and so on. So it is now one of the most attractive gadgets among the young stars. They love handling smart phone.

But excessive use of phone can be dangerous. As phone emits harmful radiation that can damage our natural immunity system, it injures our internal and external parts of the body and makes us ill. So each and everyone should take cell phone radiation protection.

Biological problems that can be caused by the cell phones:

When there are more than two people who are talking face to face over the cell phone, it can create negative thoughts and feelings. Recently a research has conducted where it is found that while two people are using mobile phone and stand face to face then automatically negative feelings produce and it effects the people who are there. Even mobile phone can greatly impair our regular life and it hampers human relationship. 

Mobile phone can increase our stress level. Its high electromagnetic radiation has a negative impact on our level of anxiety. Ring tone, vibration alert, reminders all these features are able to influence mental peace and make us anxious. A medical research has said both mobile phone and human psychology are directly connected with each other. They have inverse relationship. While mobile usages are increased, your mental stability level is declined. Therefore your sleeping time would be hampered, stress level is increased, and you would always be tensed and anxious. And after that your healthy lifestyle can be disturbed.

You can be infected from your mobile phone, as a recent study has stated that every mobile phone has contained bacteria, it can be hand bacteria or some other types of bacteria. Their study has confirmed that the level of bacteria is quite high and risky. One can be easily infected by these germs. So users should use mobile carefully. Otherwise natural immunity system can be destroyed.

Mobile usurers are always busy to reply their friends or busy in sending messages. So they have to type quickly. Or if you want to send message or want to mail your friend, you have to type. Therefore it is seen most of the time mobile users’ fingers are on the typing pad and they are busy in typing. So always you have to hold your phone in front of the eyes and keep watching.

According to orthopedic science excessive usages of mobile can create joint pain and other problems.

Mobile phone can create eye problems. Your vision ability may be hampered by the excessive use of mobile phone. So try to stay away from mobile as much as you can.

In 21st century when people cannot move ahead single step without their cell phone, this device can be a source of different diseases. So people should take necessary precautions before use it and maintain certain guidelines to protect them from harmful radiation. So take EMF Protection from cell phone radiation, otherwise cell phone can be a dangerous device.

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