Cell Phone Radiation Protection And How To Find The Best One

Posted by on 8/16/2018 to EMF Protection

Wi-Fi and its benefits are not a secret to anyone in 21th century. It has such a permanent place in todays life that is became a second reason to go back home to pick it up if you forgot it, after your spouse or a pet depending on you marital status.

There are many opinions on the health hazard from the wireless devices some of them negative and some not so much. The truth is that having such a wonderful toy as a smart phone, with its magical abilities, far out ways it’s dangers,in the busy reality of today’s life.

Always keep in mind, that regardless of all the variable things in life such as health, beauty, age and of course intelligence, that some people with electro hyper sensitivity report a great discomfort, to the point that they cant use their cell phones at all.

This discomfort is also detectable on the stress test from biofeedback machine. The biofeedback machine takes reading of the electro conductivity from the same meridians as Chinese acupuncture, however it doesn’t entail using the needles but only reading their electro conductivity to measure a stress levels. This is based on the fact meridian conductivity lowers when people stressed. Test examines 13 body systems and provides a table with numeric values that can be compared on the before and after tests.

It is obvious that one needs to be careful with Wi-Fi devices to be on the safe side and protect oneself. There are many EMF radiation protectors on the market today, and because there is a great need for them, many manufacturers make them and do notconcern themselves with testing or efficiency of the device they sale. For instance,when I called to ask how they test EMF BLOCKING STICKER, and what they mean when they say that it blocks 96.6% of the EMF, they politely explained that they will measure a EMF reading BEHIND the sticker and record reduction of the field, however it only applies to the area of the sticker only. People mistakenly project this 96.6% to the whole body, and they are being fooled like that. Just think, if the sticker was blocking 96% there will be static only and no communication at all. I decided to test this sticker on biofeedback machine and ordered it. Later I took took it to my friend’s lab, where they have biofeedback machine and we tested and learned that all BLOCKING stickers are not efficient for the stress reduction, and show no stress reduction at all.

Then we start looking into energy device called orgonite, which was originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer's animal magnetism( Wikipedia) and vitality.

Of course in 2018 the orgonite does not have to be as massive to be efficient. If you visit vortexbioshield.com you will find many anti EMF radiation protecting devises made by developing a smaller devises using a specially selected microcrystals that work on the quantum level. They are essentially a quantum energy generators that charge and maintain users high energetic field. Thy also show complete stress reduction on the biofeedback machine. For details seeTest and Result page here,

I strongly suggestto spend a little time to understand which EMF radiation protector work before choosing to use them, please avoid false sense of being safe.

Check out Quantum EMF Radiation Protectors for all Cell Phones, for Laptops, Tablets and Kindles and EMF Radiation Protecting Jewelry.

Most importantly remember every Wi-Fi device is a very tiny microwave oven that can have negative effects on the user, especially kids before 10.Please email your questions here.

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