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Electromagnetic Fields Safety, Health Effects

Posted by David Menjivar on 7/3/2017 to EMF Protection

Electromagnetic fields are the areas or regions where electromagnetic radiation is found.  Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation are two categories. Actually it is based on the ionizing atom’s ability and their breaking chemical bonds. Electromagnetic field can be created with the help of the object which is electrically charged.

With the advancement of technology and increasing rate of electricity demand are the reasons for growing man- made Electromagnetic fields. There is a suspicion that electromagnetic fields have negative impact on human body.

About the physical problems –

According to WHO there is no prominent evidence that proves that electromagnetic wave causes any disorders or problems. But there are a few reports that suggest it can create diseases.  Sometime it is seen electronics industry workers has given birth pre mature baby or low baby weight. But there is no scientific reason behind it, at the same time it does not prove that it is caused by electromagnetic fields. But doctors and a number of medical organizations believe electromagnetic field can be the reason that creates difficulties during the time of pregnancy.

Cataracts are the common eye disease. But it is believed people who are working on high level of radio frequency area or high intensity microwave radiation zone, they are mostly suffer from Cataracts. Though medical science does not support it, but still there are some reports that suggest electromagnetic fields can be reason for cataract.

Cancer can be caused by electromagnetic fields or not, this is one of the most controversial topics. But there are a few instances that indicate cancer can be occurred due to adverse impact of electromagnetic fields.  But a number of medical studies have recommended children can be affected by leukemia, as low frequency electromagnetic fields raise the risk. Though in this matter, scientists and others experts do not make any comments, but it is clear electromagnetic fields hold threats that can harm people.

Electromagnetic fields increase tension level. But in recent study it is seen that there is no connection between biological systems and Electromagnetic fields. Even when they come in contact with each other, nothing adverse reaction has happened that may be fatal or something serious. But still people should take care of it .

Some essential precautions to prevent Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic Fields Safety & Health Effects is one of the most discussed subjects. Though there is no proof whether is it truly harmful or not? But still Electromagnetic Fields Safety is necessary for mobile and laptop users.


Low voltage halogen, florescent tubes CLF bulb should be avoided. Though they save power but at the same time they emit electromagnetic field which can be harmful for you.


New LED screen, whether it can be TV, computer, they emanate low electromagnetic field. So when you buy a new computer screen or TV (LED). It is safe.


Try to avoid cell phone if you have cordless connection. But if necessary uses it for certain time.

Always try to cover your cell phone. So you can use cell phone EMF protection , so that Electromagnetic field does not contact your body directly.

Baby cot or your bed should be placed few feet away from the electrical wires.

You can buy or install the equipments that can effectively reduce Electromagnetic Fields and make your house safe. Like Graham/Stetzer filters, which protect you from Electromagnetic field.

But for the mobile users if they do not maintain anything, can use cell phone protective covers for safety purpose.

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