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Posted by David Menjivar on 7/3/2017 to EMF Protection

Electromagnetic Radiation is a radiant energy that can be produced by some electromagnetic procedures. Visible lights, gama rays, X-rays, radio waves are the example where electric and magnetic fields can be varied. Higher frequencies radiations are Ultraviolet , X-rays and gamma rays. But the low frequency radiation is everything which is emanating from power sockets. Higher frequency radio waves belong to the group of low frequency radiation. For the transmission of the data radio waves are used even TV, radio. Cell phones and laptops use radio waves to access the data.

There are a number of electrical devices that emit Electromagnetic Radiation. Cell phones, computers, laptops, microwaves release Electromagnetic Radiation. But as they become part of our life, so we can eliminate them. So in order to stay safe, Electromagnetic Radiation Safety measurements should be taken. So that it can not touch our skin directly.

When electrically charged particles move, it produces Electromagnetic waves, which is known by electromagnetic radiation. So when we talk over the cell phones, electromagnetic radiation emits and our body absorbs it.

Necessary Precautions: There are some restrictions that have be maintained by the users-

Always try to keep your cell phone from your child. And never allow them to operate or handle mobile phone.

Try to use cordless phone but if not possible, prepare a time frame and try to follow it, Apart from emergency, you should not exceed the time limit.

One can use anti radiation EMF Protection which protects him or her from dangerous Electromagnetic radiation.

When you dial phone number, try to keep it away from your body. And wait until your correspond reply, because unnecessarily we hold cell phone next to our ear after dialing phone number, there is no need to keep it close and to absorb electromagnetic radiation. So try to practice it.

Usually we hold our cell phone or to hang it up in our neck. Therefore we always have a body contact with the mobile phone and it touches our skin. Even there a certain mobile phones which emit electromagnetic radiation even when they are switched off. So do something or keep your mobile in such place so that you are in safe.

Do not use your cell phone when you are in moving vehicle. It can be bus, car, and train; you should avoid receiving calls and messages. Because when you are in moving vehicle, your cell phone is constantly looking for proper network connection, so naturally that time emission of electromagnetic radiation is increased.

While you are in car, try to avoid cell phones. As the car is made of metal so when you are sitting in metallic enclosure, emission of electromagnetic radiation is increased and it can be harmful for your health.

If possible, use air tube headset. It is one of the convenient alternatives that can be applied by the users. Air tube headset is successfully able to covert the electromagnetic radiation into risk-free airwaves. So air tube headset is bit safe option for the users. It is also handy. So they can easily use them.

National Radiation Advisory Board has recommended some instructions, try to follow them and use EMF Protection for farther protection.

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