Facial Temp Change When Using Cellular Phone Test 

With and Without 

Vortex BioShield EMF Harmonizing Shield

Goal: Facial Temperature Change When Talking on the Phone With and Without BioShield
Equipment: FLIR Forward Looking Infrared Camera with Digital Imaging Output
Method  Periodicly Taking Pictures  While Jubject is on the Phone
Monitoring Area   Temperature change in one point in the subjects face  
Test result Format Time / Temperature graph
Image Frequency   Every 30 sec., total of 10 images each test
Subject:  Mail, age 55, 220 lb
Duration: 5 min each test
Test I: Facial temp Difference When Talking on the phone Without BioShield
Test I Facial temp Difference When Talking on the phone With BioShield
Temp Increase without BioShield  1.19 °C
Temp Increase without BioShield  0.26 °C
Difference 0.93°C

Conclusion: Using Vortex BioShield reduces facial 

temperature increase by almost 

1°C  (0.93)°C  within first 5 minutes.

Test #1 Facial Heat Increase test 

FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared Camera Test

Test results conclusion: 2 separate 5 min long test show a facial temperature increase while using a cell phone.

The facial heat rises much faster without  Vortex BioShield, from 34.98 - 33.79 = 1.19 degree, and 34.05 - 33.79= .26 degree when shield is used.