Income Opportunity

Income Opportunity

For Store Owners or Individual Resellers We offer a Started Kits That Will Offer Business Opportunity.

Our started set Offer Kit Includes Following EMF Radiation Protectors:

I.  For Cell Phones Total of 24 Includes,                                Retail price: 23.99 x 24 = 575.76
    12 Black Vortex BioShield for Cell Phones
    4 White
    4 Red
    4 Blue

II. Quantum EMF Radiation Protectors For Laptops and Tablets:
     6 Black For Laptops                                                          Retail price: 26.99 x 6 = 161.94     
     6 Black For Tablets                                                           Retail price: 26.99 x 6 = 161.94 

              Total of 36 Units for Total Retail Price  of            $  899.63
                                                               Shipping                $    11.36
                                                                   Total:                 $  912.99

All Products Individually Packaged with brochures, stickers.

                       This starter kit is ava

Products Individually Packaged and Ready for Sale includes 1 sample. 
For Different Selection please contact Email:

          Total price for this Starter Package is Available $ 547.99 
For All Sales in California please add $ 46.58.

        Delivery 3 Days
       Payment via Paypal or CC
Inquiries and contact: HERE