SPROUTING - Larger Green Mass

Sprouting Tests

Goal 1: To Discover How EMF Effects the Sprout Growth
Goal 2: And To Determine if EMF Harmonizers 
Equipment: Home Router and Germinating Seeds
Method  Simple Gemination Without and With EMF Harmonizer Present
Monitoring Area   Within 10 inches in Area Around Router
Test result Format Observing the difference in Sprout Growth 
Image Frequency   Weekly
Subject:  Adzuki, Lentil, Gorbanzo , Sunfower Seeds
Duration: 2-3 weeks
Test I Sprouting Without Harmonizer in Petri Dish Next to Internet Router
Test II Sprouting WITH Harmonizer in Petri Dish Next to Internet Router
Test Shows Considerable Slowing of Growth When Next to the Router
Difference Significant Difference up to 100%


Because All Living Cells in Plants, Animals and Humans Share Amino Acids as a Live's Building Blocks, and by Observing a Positive Effect of EMF Harmonizers on The Plants It will be Fair to Conclude That The Vortex BioShield Harmonizer Keeps DNA Balanced and Protects From Negative Effects of EMF.

Affect of VortexBioShield on the sprouting