Vortex BioShield Offers Protective EMF Shield

Posted by David Menjivar on 7/29/2015 to EMF Protection
Every day business people, professionals, students and parents are exposed to EMF - or “electromagnetic fields” – when they use their cells phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. In a just a few short years, these devices have become vital to our daily lives, but there are concerns. Scientists have discovered that exposure to excessive EMF from these common electronic tools can cause health difficulties ranging from sleeplessness and memory loss to depression and headaches. Because the frequent use of these electronic devices is a relatively new phenomena, many doctors feel certain that more health problems will be discovered in the future. A Laptop radiation shield filled with powerful crystals that deflect EMF can protect people of all ages and professions from excessive and unhealthy exposure. Vortex BioShield has created an EMF Protector that is small, thin, discrete and easy to attach to the back of a laptop or other electronic tool. The EMF Protector is safe to use and doesn’t need batteries or chargers in order to operate. It won’t obstruct the performance of your electronic device, but it will provide you and your loved ones with EMF protection 24 hours a day.

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