What is EMF Radiation?

Direct and Indirect effects of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) or how
EMF affects people

Live Blood & Electrosmog

Microwave Radiation - When water boils the DNA gets cooked. 
There is an opinion that this effect is accumulative. 
See picture below:

There are two main ways radiation can damage DNA inside living cells. 
Radiation can strike the DNA molecule directly, ionizing and damaging it. 
Alternately, radiation can ionize water molecules, producing free radicals that react with and damage DNA molecules. 
See below.



On this penetration chart you can observe how the same phone has different penetration levels when used by person of different age. The cell phone puts out the same Electromagnetic Fieldit is different because the size of the head and thickness of the skull bone. And it varies from about 23% to 75% approximately.