Cell Phone Radiation Protection And How To Find The Best One

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Wi-Fi and its benefits are not a secret to anyone in 21th century. It has such a permanent place in todays life that is became a second reason to go back home to pick it up if you forgot it, after your spouse or a pet depending on you marital status.

Smart Phone And Your Aura

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Cell phones use microwave frequency to communicate. They called cellular because each tower represents a cell and all phones in the area communicate through this tower in that cell.

Everyone knows that a microwave oven not only will warm up the food, but it will also cook it. During cooking proteins in the food will bond or coagulate. For instance: if you cook egg whites they will turn white from clear and transparent. This is an irreversible process and the technical term is denaturing the proteins in food.

Why You Should Limit Your Child’s Laptop Usage

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In the modern world, we are living in there is technology everywhere we look and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep our kids away from laptops. Many parents buy tablets and laptops for their children so that they can keep in touch with school work and technology or to have fun when the weather is not good, but are they sure of what harm is being done?

Why Do You Need to Wear EMF Protection Jewelry

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You may have heard about EMF protection jewelry but do not necessarily understand what they are all about, so allow us to tell you more.

Personal electromagnetic field (EMF) protection in the form of EMF pendants or necklaces is probably the best and most popular safeguard against the wired and wireless sources of ionizing radiation.

Why Do You Need To Use Cell Phone EMF Protectors

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The Quantum EMF protectors for cell phones from Vortex BioShield® is an affordable tool in your quest to reduce the effects of EMF on your body.

Radiation is all around us, whether that be in electronic devices, power lines or cell phones. As we become more aware of the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic force) we are increasingly looking for cell phone EMF protectors. Vortex BioShield can help you achieve great EMF protectors so that you can enjoy the benefits of mourn technology without putting your health at risk.