How EMF Protection Jewelry Can Improve your Health

Posted by David Menjivar on 5/31/2016
Vortex BioShield® is a brand that has your health at heart and our Quantum EMF protection jewelry is second to none. When you cannot avoid technology and mobile devices, investing in our products can help protect your well being.

Reduce Negative Effects of EMF Protection with a Quantum EMF Cell Phone Harmonizing Protector Shield

Posted by David Menjivar on 5/31/2016 to EMF Protection
VortexBioShield® offers a range of cell phone quantum EMF protection that will give you peace of mind as you chat to friends and go about your business. You can rely on them to help keep you EMF radiation stress free.

The Benefits of Wearing EMF Protection Jewelry

Posted by David Menjivar on 5/30/2016 to EMF Protection

With the increase of new technologies every day, we are exposed to more and more EMF radiation.  But if you wear Quantum EMF protection jewelry, you will be protecting yourself from this harmful radiation. Micro Crystals in Quantum Radiation Protectors generate frequencies that support and maintain high body energy - persons Aura.