Most Advanced EMF Radiation Protection Products available today- VORTEX BioShield®

Vortex BioShield® uses most advanced radio-technologies available on Earth today. Vortex BioShield® EMF Radiation protectors developed with the help of energy-enhanced revolutionary Vital Force Technology®. They are scientifically tested for efficiency using QEEG and other methods. This technology is created and perfected by renowned quantum radio-physicist Yury Kronn, Ph.D. , the owner of unique proprietary formulas produced with the help of Vital Force TechnologyTM have proven to be effective in a variety of retail and healthcare applications worldwide. Energetically enhanced quartz crystals used as a base for Vortex BioShield® products will help you to keep optimal energy balance and a state of well-being. They provide a strong energetic support and a effective energy exchange between your body cells making every your day the Best Day in your Life! Crystals in all of our products use sympathetic resonance phenomenon charge users energy field. As a result, new energetic field protects the user from harmful EMF radiation effects. Multiple tests show users energy field change and biofeedback machine clearly shows complete removal of the stress caused by EMF radiation. See test and result page Some products carry more crystals than others based on the designated use: for instance the cell phone EMF radiation protectors carry less than ones for tablets or laptops, however, the cell phone protectors have a direct contact with users hand, whereas the ones for the laptop do not have a direct contact - they work by being in the energy field. Our product made in the USA.


Overview to EMF Radiation Protectors market. Talked about types of EMF protectors available on the market today. Who make them and where they come from. Explains how to determine if EMF Protector works, "traditional" testing methods how protectors work and introduces real time testing methods. Testing methodologies and results explained.

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