We all become irritable from time to time but some of us have more problems than others. If you find that you are experiencing more mood swings than normal—snapping at friends, feeling tired all of the time and not having much motivation—then you may need to look at investing in EMF protectors.

EMF Radiation and Irritability

EMF radiation is emitted from all mobile devices such as cell phones and they interfere with our body’s natural energy field causing symptoms such as fatigue and irritability. There’s no doubt that EMF radiation can have negative affects on the body. In many peer-reviewed research studies, scientists have found that every-day levels of exposure to EMF radiation without the use of EMF protectors result in adverse physical and emotional effects.

How EMF Protectors Can Help with Electromagnetic Sensitivity

EMFs cut you off from the Earth’s electromagnetic field and they can penetrate your cells and DNA. Such intrusions on your body can cause deterioration on your immune system, which is when serious diseases can develop such as cancer and heart disease.

EMF protectors from Vortex BioShield® can support the body in neutralizing the harmful radiation that surrounds our body when we use cell phones. The quantum technology used in our products work with your body’s natural energy source.

The Vortex BioShield® EMF protectors grounds you back into the Earth’s field, giving you gentle yet effective relief from EMF radiation symptoms, including irritability. EMF protection also boost your immune system as it experiences less stress than when no protection was being used. If you have been experiences symptoms for a long period you will gradually see improvements in your overall health.

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