What Is A Laptop Radiation Shield?
Mobile technology is used from everywhere to schools and colleges to shopping malls and the home, so it is truly difficult to escape. Although we can physically see the mobile device that we are working on or the wifi system pop up on our cell phone, we cannot see the data that passes between these devices and the cell towers that power them

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, invisible forces that transmit data between one source to another run order to communicate. The body and the earth have natural EMFs, but EMFs form mobile devices are artificial and can cause radiation, which is where cell phone radiation protection and EMF jewelry is required.

There is no concrete evidence that EMF’s can cause cancer, International Agency for Research on Cancer believes that EMFs emitted from mobile devices is possibly carcinogenic to humans. Whether or not EMFs do cause cancer or not will be up for debate while more studies take place, but what is known is that radiation can cause symptoms such as headaches, stress and nausea.

How Can I Protect myself Against EMF’s

Vortex BioShield® is the company who can give you peace of mind when it comes to using mobile technology. It is important to notes that we cannot grantee that all radiation will be repelled as our devices are dependent on the amount of mobile device usages, your age, size and how you use our device. Research has shown that using an EMF laptop radiation shield can reduce how much we are exposed to radiation and the effects it as on us.

Will a Laptop Radiation Shield Protect me from EMF Radiation?
Using a laptop radiation shield is very straightforward, you simply attach to your laptop following easy instructions and go on with your business. Vortex BioShield® has developed a range of shields to fit most laptop sizes and customers have testified to how effective they have been for them.

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