5 EMF Myths Decoded

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“Your smart phones and gadgets cause cancer” was a typical statement for mobile phones when they first time introduced in the market decades ago.

EMF Myths and Facts

Cell Phone technology has improved a lot over the time and has become essential part of our life today. Living without a smart phone is simply impractical, hence our entire life has synchronized in small gadget. Various studies and research have conducted on the use of cell phone claiming these gadgets presented no cons and any potential health impacts were brushed under the rug. 

Even till today, the conversation on EMF radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers (BTS) have completely changed the drift of entire conversation on the most recent cell phone technology 5G and our 24*7contact with our gadgets.

There are many trending conversation on socio-economic and political forums, EMF radiation is a difficult to-comprehend subject with numerous subtleties, and is overwhelmed with so called “experts” that not lacks in subject knowledge but have their own fact less opinion found on internet.

Here, we clear up the 5 most basic misconceptions of EMF radiation and safety.

Research on EMF is undetermined, which states EMFs Can't be Unsafe

EMF research is basically not propelled enough to demonstrate without a sad remnant of an uncertainty that EMF radiation is harmful to the normal individual. That DOESN'T mean the study on EMF doesn't exist, or that we shouldn't be concerned.

Numerous researchers and scientists recognize that there is cause for concern, and significantly more examination is expected to establish a concrete conclusion on the issue.

Maximum scientific research shows positive relationship between EMF radiation and adverse biological impacts, with a couple notable publications finding proof of causal impacts.

After the analysis of research, the World Health Organization (WHO) – International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has categories EMF radiation as 'potentially cancer-causing to people', which implies that more study on people is expected to show it as a plausible cancer-causing agent.

The WHO composes that the technology is too recent to even consider ruling out conceivable long term impacts. Although, the WHO recognizes scientific proof about the adverse impact on health is substantial, with health results extending from reproductive defects to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative sicknesses, and even leukemia in children.

Non-Ionizing EMF Radiation not Harmful to human

Radiation is further categorized in two types: ionizing and non-ionizing.

Ionizing Radiation separate electrons from atoms and molecules of materials that incorporate air, water, and generally imperative to your health, living tissue. Ionizing radiation is harming to the body since it right away splits particles and ionizes the electron of the atoms.

Non-ionizing Radiation needs more energy to separate electrons and break bonds. This kind of radiation is on the lower end of the Electromagnetic Range and is plenty in the radio frequencies used in our cutting edge technology. Many debate since EMF is non-ionizing, it is harmless.

For quite a while, mainstream researchers accepted that lower level radiation energy can only harm your body from the thermal impact of the energy waves, which means harm could possibly happen when there is sufficient amount of low radiation energy present to warm up cells and tissues to the extent of damage. It isn't believed that radiation energy of a low, non-ionizing level can cause damage to the body if there isn't any heat present.

We presently aware of non-ionizing radiation can likewise cause biological damage.

Government Cell Radiation Ensure Safety Standards To All Cell Phones Emissions Should be Within Prescribe Standards To Be Safe.

Cell phone radiation guidelines exist to protect individuals from a lot of exposure, however they may be making a sense of false safety standards, since numerous countries have prescribed standards that are obsolete, incorrect, and that are not followed by mobile phone manufacturing companies.

The FCC standard, known as SAR (Standard Ingestion Rate) Standard, hasn't been revised since 1996. The iPhone was as yet 10 years from being developed around then, and the iconic mobile phone from Nokia 3310 wouldn't be presented for six additional years. In 1996, just 16% of Americans had a wireless cell phones. The most recent study from PEW Research Center states that 96% of Americans currently have a phone, and 81% is tech-savvy and use smart phone. Of these, many are small kids.

Cell phones use should be prohibited if they are extremely dangerous for us.

Numerous individuals accept that since mobile phones have become so common, they should be safe to use. If they were not safe to use, it appears to be very illogical to accept phones and other cell phones gadgets would be prohibited from manufacturing.

Technically, this logic doesn’t go along by the administration. As we all are aware from various source of past and current events, the government hardly takes any proactive initiative to think about its citizen ‘health and safety’ or to protect the environmental matters.

For instance, tobacco industry is a well-known example. For what reason did it take such a long time to get regulated? Study on cigarettes has already proved it is harmful, however, they are still in the market and not prohibited. 

Similarly, there is a printed warning on cigarette packets by Surgeon General, in many mobile phones manuals there is a statement on RF radiation under legal terms and conditions. Statement of Apple phones includes: ‘To decrease exposure to RF energy, use an option for hand-free, built in speaker phones, headphones, or other similar accessories.’ 

EMF Radiation isn’t prone to Cancer

A study on animals conducted by the United States National Institute of Health (NIH) found a clear evidence of impact on RF radiation cause cancer.

Abnormal growth of cell in body can leads to cancer and further leads to various health problems. EMF contemplates have reliably demonstrated that presentation to radiation causes gene mutation and DNA fragmentation—the two of which can cause cell change and cancer.

One of the lead scientist Dr. Martin Blank clarifies that we essentially need more time to decide for solid connection between EMF radiation and cancer. Industries are shelling out millions bringing up that there isn’t any considerable evidence between EMF radiation exposure, especially when it comes to radiation from cell phones, and disease like cancer. It would be not less than a fortune for them, they have time on their side due to something known as ‘Latency Period’. Cancer doesn’t happen in overnight. In many cases of cancer, tumors takes several years to form and metastasize

Even though, cancer is not the only main concern we have in regards to exposure to EMF radiation. There are various other adverse health impact that can problem in our daily living.

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