Benefits of Shungite & How EMF Protection Silver Jewelry Helps

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What if you could wear something that would be both, protecting you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and you could use it for your latest party wear? You’ve read correctly! There are certain jewelries which can serve you through dual purposes of EMF protection and fashion.

And that is where silver jewelries come in handy. I can see those brows raised, especially the ladies out there! Well, the answer to all your eye-brow raising is that these are no ordinary silver jewelry. These are specially designed to combat radioactive exposure.

My wife, Jenny and I were invited to a wedding, but she couldn’t find a decent silver jewelry to wear. Then she found our anniversary gift which I had gifted her, a Shungite pendant with a silver exterior. I personally think it was a good idea since in a party with several people with different devices one cannot afford to be effected by the radiations emanated from these devices. 

Shungite? How Does It Help?

Found majorly in Russia, the word, shungite; has emanated from a village named Shunga, located in Karelia, Russia where it had first been discovered. However, Shungite history dates back to a prehistoric ages, in and around 2 billion years back, which was known as the paleoproterozoic age.

Precambrian rocks comprise of a number of the earliest oil deposits in the earth. superficial, salty lagoons located near chains of volcanoes in western part of Russia were rich in things such as s algae and sediment.

The aforementioned sediment and algae specimen add to the deposits of oil shale as well as crude oil. Afterwards, these deposits had to undergo a prolonged heat and pressure and caused the shungite to be formed into a partially pure variety of carbon. Shungite is very helpful in reducing the unwanted effects of the radiation.

Not only is EMF Protection Silver Jewelry exceptionally elegant but also can ward off the harmful darts of the EMF.

But what are the evil effects of EMF Radiation?

EMF Radiation is upright bad for you since it causes the following diseases:

  • headaches,
  • anxiety,
  • suicide and depression,
  • nausea,
  • fatigue
  • loss of libido
  • childhood leukemia, etc.

How does the EMF Protection Jewelry Help?

EMF protection jewelry provides different benefits, namely the following:

  • Stress is a very common ill effect affecting your health, usually if it is caused by the radiations. The EMF protection Jewelry increases the positivity, mental fitness and thereby, reduces stress and increases physical health.
  • If due to the harmful EMF, you feel depressed, the aforementioned jewelry helps you to regain your positivity, thereby removing the depression.
  • EMF Protection Silver Jewelry can help you recover from EMF-oriented nausea, insomnia as well as headaches.
  • The jewelry helps in the improvement of endurance, liveliness, as well as spirit in the body and also it restores life to your body. Moreover, wearing EMF jewelry, you can alleviate the heaviness caused by EMF radiations thereby generating an augmentation in your psychosomatic wellness. As a result, you can work and focus better on things which are most important and thereby helping you in achieving what you need.

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