How EMF Radiation responsible for Infection and Chronic Illness?

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Electro and magnetic fields are intangible source of energy also known as radiation- produced by electricity in the movement of electrons, or current through a wire. Electric and magnetic fields together called as electromagnetic field, or EMF’s.  EMF radiation is further categories in two main categories;

  • High Frequency EMF such as X-Rays and gamma rays and these are ionizing radiation part of electromagnetic spectrum and it can straightaway damage cells or DNA.
  • Low to mid Frequency EMF includes electromagnetic field from electrical appliances and power lines, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation and these are found in non-ionizing radiation form of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Studies have shown that EMF radiation discharges from electronic gadgets, such as wireless devices including mobile phones, tablets, PC’s, Wi-Fi routers, 5G network frequency, etc. are the source of long term and constant exposure of EMF radiation can cause various adverse health effects.

The biological changes originating from EMF exposure have been connected to numerous unfavorable health conditions:

  • Miscarriage and Infertility
  • Natural growth in babies & children
  • Sleep disorder and concentration issues.
  • Many Psychosomatic and Neurological disorders (occurred due to disruption of many neurotransmitters and hormones)
  • Problems with Immune system, Digestive system, Nervous system and many more.
  • Headaches and body pain
  • Skin problems (rashes, tingling, redness)
  • Cancer

Symptoms of EMF Radiation Exposure

What are the causes of Chronic Disease?

Every ailment has various risk factors. Few of them are cure able and some of them are due to heredity and old age, although plenty of them are common across many disease.

Major controllable risk factors occurs due to unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and use of tobacco.

How Chronic Disease Can Prompt Electrical Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS)

Electrical Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is portrayed by an assortment of vague symptoms brought about by exposure to EMFs.

A basic perspective of EHS is as a sensitivity to EMFs. Everybody may have an alternate "allergic reaction."

Symptoms may incorporate sleep disorder, depression, fatigue, issues with concentration, headaches, learning challenges, limb and joint pain, numbness and shivering sensations, loss of hearing, tinnitus, impaired balance and many other ailments.

Individuals who have a chronic disease, as PTLDS, will probably experience the ill effects of exposure to EMFs due to biological system turmoil in body. EMF radiation exposure can include additional pressure and reduce the immune system even more, which may create a hyper-sensitivity to gadgets emitting EMF radiation.

How to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure?

1. Use EMF Protection Shields to Block Harmful EMF Waves

Buy a Vortex protection shield for gadgets like phones, tablets, PCs and Wi-Fi routers. These will help forestall the harmful waves transmitted on use of cell phones and laptops for longer duration impacting your body. A research conducted on 64 volunteers with different chronic disease monitored for 8 hours and subjects used EMF protection shields. More than 90% of volunteers observed a “clear” or “strong’ improvement in their symptoms.

2. Reduce Time Spent on Devices Emits EMF

Although, it is good approach to make a strategic distance from phone, laptop, tablet or other gadgets and spend time in other healthy activities. When your devices are not it is good to keep them away because these devices emits EMF radiation even when they aren’t in use.

3. Maintain a strategic distance from EMF devices.

This may appear to be almost incomprehensible because we are in a world of digital era and, yet there are certain ways you may not consider to distance yourself from EMF sources. When these gadgets aren’t in use, ensure they are switched off. In any event, when your smart phone is locked or your PC in sleep mode, these gadgets transmit EMF radiation. A few gadgets have Off-line Mode (Airplane mode), which switch off its radio signals. Around evening time when are going to sleep, switch off your WiFi routers since you needn't bother with it while you're sleeping, and keep electronic gadgets out of the bedroom.

Small and effective changes in daily lifestyle can reduce the impacts of EMFs and may have visible change on overall health and prosperity. It will also help to treat and prevent certain illness.

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