2 Quantum Radiation Protection for Laptop, Desktop and Modems - TransViber® - GRAY and BLACK

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 2 Quantum Radiation Protection for Laptop, Desktop and Modems - TransViber®  - GRAY and BLACK

Protects From EMF Radiation from all laptops, desktops, baby monitors, modems & routers .
Crystal Carrying Frequency Transforming Device - Transviber®
Employs Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon
Neutralizes Negative Effects of EMF Radiation by Increasing Users Energy Field
Completely Removes Stress Caused by EMF
Provides Complete Stress reduction for users working next to the modems or router.
Increases Aura Field and Density- See Before and After Aura pictures
Blocks Stress From EMF Radiation - See Before and After Biofeedback Stress Test
Does NOT Interferes Phone signal
No Batteries, Diodes, Chargers.
Can be carried in The Wallet of Bra
Has a Spare Tape to relocate to a new laptop or modem
Restores Energetic Balance
Just stick it to the Case and Forget About it!
 2 Quantum Radiation Protection for Laptop - TransViber®  - GRAY and BLACK

This thin bar designed to harmonize effects of the stronger EMF source like laptop, desktop, modem and etc.  

Contains crystals and minerals bound in the solid state, there are no moving parts. The shape is designed to have a maximum skin contact for high efficiency, when the cell phone is in use. Size 1.25 x 5.0 x1/4”

Special crystals resonate with energy field and by the effect of Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon the ® increases your energetic body.


When body is energized I with high Life (Chi) Energy it can easily repel negative vibrations from outside.This High energy created by Vortex BIoShield® eliminates the stress caused by EMF radiation from cell phones.


Quantum Vortex BIoShield® constantly supplies and maintains energetic body of user.

Please see our EMF Jewelry designed to provide 24/7 energy balances for the person regardless use of phone. Vortex BIoShield® does not interferes with the signal , there is no loss of signal.

Vortex BIoShield®  does not have batteries or other electronic parts and it is very easy to use - You must attach it directly to the phone case from outside. It also can be placed in the wallet or a bra(instead of the cell phone, newer carry you cell phone in your bra). Many people use it when they go to sleep (without a cell phone) because it gives them a better sleep.