BioFeedBack Machine Stress Before and After Test

Goal: To Discover Changes in Stress Levels of Body Organs
Equipment: BioMeridian Biofeedback Machine
Method Running The MSA or Meridian Stress Assessment Procedure
Monitoring Area 52 point Meridian Stres Assessment Test
Test result Format Actual Organ Stress Levels Overlaid Over the Stress Levels Grid Consisting of Normal (green) , Inflamed (yellow)
Image Frequency Pretest, With WiFi device or Cell phone
Subject: random
Duration: pretest, before and after
Test I Pretest - Shows Organ Stress level of body in natural condition (no phone/no shield)
Test II Stress levels of the body with WI-Fi Device or Cellular Phone ( Microwave)
Test III Test II plus EMF Protector - Shows Stress Levels With Harmonizer Prezent
Test III Shows Complete Stress Removal Caused By EMF electronic device, The stress in Test III not only better than in Test II, But better Then In test I as well.
Difference Complete Stress Removal

Conclusion: This Test Shows Positive Quantitave Change in Users Energetic Body Organs Stress Kevels Caused by EMF radiation.



The sensors measure one or more indicators of stress, including heart rate, muscle tension, and body temperature (depending on the type of biofeedback). The measurements provide feedback about how the body responds to different stimuli.

Biofeedback Machine - BioMeridian Stress Testing

A: Biomeridian testing is a noninvasive method used to assess organ function by an analysis of the energy meridians or channels that correspond to individual organs of the body. It can tell you:
The functional status of your meridians and their related organs, systems, or functions, by determining if they are stressed, balanced, or weakened, and by how much.
Which specific nutritional products will bring your unbalanced meridians back to balance.




A: This test would benefit anyone interested in examining and improving the functional energetic status of their own bodies. This applies to those who are unwell and looking to improve their health as well as those who have no diagnosable illness but would like to optimize their current state of health and possibly prevent future negative health issues.

Upon completion of the test, the results are compiled into a report that charts the functional health of each of the patient's organ systems. From this information, we can recommend nutritional and lifestyle adjustments to help bring any stressed or weakened organ systems back to healthy levels. 
The test is non-invasive and pain free. The machine uses a very mild electrical current, which cannot be felt, and is completely safe.

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-       we use tests* reaction from actual cell phone users** and their reactions, which includes  an FDA  approved diagnostic tools  to measure the body stress                                     levels or the difference in human stress levels â€â€œ biofeedback machine .We use these techniques to test efficiency of our devices because and they show direct results -    and all this tests show a positive effect when using our products - up to 99% of stress reduction of the stress caused by Wi-Fi Device.

We use Biofeedback machine  Biomeridian here:
VortexBioShield Stress Tests 
Video on What is BIM Test from BioMeridian     
on Smart PhoneTest :
on  Fire Kindle Test  


iPhone 4s test

on iMac

Systems tested: 
Skin, Nervous, Locomotor, respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Pancreas, 
Liver/CB, Urological, Blood, Lymph/Drainage, Metabolism, Endocrine and Immune.

Each test consist of 3 tests :  
  1. -Pretest ( normal stress levels without using device or neutralizer), 
  2. - Stress levels with the device on ( device only)
III. - Stress levels added to the device ( with device and neutralizer)  

Results of testing our larger device designed for Laptops, Desktops and Modems.

           Results of testing our larger device designed for Laptops, Desktops and Modems.

This shows complete stress removal from iMac laptop