What is Vortex BioShield?

Vortex BioShield is a Homeopathic invention designed to protect users from harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) that have been found to cause everything from cancer to fatigue. It is meant to be used with smart-phones, laptops, Ipads, nooks and any other modern device known to emit radiation. Our BioShields are designed to provide powerful EMF protection to users; yet sleek enough so that you barely notice it’s there.

How does Vortex BioShield work?

Inside Each Vortex BioShield is a combination of specially selected and treated minerals, crystals and metals.

Crystals—(specifically the ones we use)—are coherent enough with the human body to be conductive of bio-photons,a phenomenona of stable coherent light particles contained within the DNA. Most crystals have molecules with a structure that enables them to maintain a consistent and stable base frequency has been proven through documented, peer-reviewed scientific research to effect environmental phenomena.

With our BioShield we have created a product where we specially select each component based on the measurable frequencies it carries and whether those frequencies are known to be healthy.

Recent documented scientific studies have shown that certain types of crystalline structures, specifically specially treated crystals that have the capability of conducting photon particles, are proven to transform low levels of radiation from harmful to harmless.

What these studies concluded is that something about the structure of photon-conductive crystals blocks the harmful elements within radiation while at the same time allowing frequencies to pass through. This structure actually causes these same frequencies to transform and lessen in power.

The patent-pending design of our BioShields expands on this recent research and takes it even further—incorporating crystals, trace elements, metals specially selected for their inherent vibrational properties and binding these together in a special process for a super-charged effect that is phenomenally healthy for the body.

To summarize in a nutshell how our product works: imagine having two violins in the same room, when you play one violin the other one begins to reproduce the same sounds; this effect is called sympathetic resonance. Similarly to this, the special components within Vortex Bio Shield vibrate and resonate in the right harmonic frequencies with user's body and block the harmful effects of radiation.

This “sympathetic resonance” takes place on a quantum level and is not sensed by most people. In fact, only a small percentage of people can physically feel electro-magnetic frequencies. These super-sensitive people are the ones who get sick. The effects can be very different from a simple headache to very real physical pain, and these same people cannot use the phone or stand next to anything with a strong electromagnetic field.

When these “sensitive” people have tested VortexBioShield they have found they can use radiation-emitting devices and their pain goes away.

Can you explain the methods you use to test your products?

The Human body is a very complicated instrument on many levels—and one cannot assume that the body reacts to radiation exactly the same as the tip of the Gauss meter’s censor.

So when the Gauss Meter reading shows a radiation drop when the material is placed between the one side of the cell phone and sensor, it does not mean that human body has the same reaction as a tip of the sensor. The geometry is not linear but rather isometric and accumulative.

(Gauss- a unit of magnetic flux density or magnetic induction).

We test our device by measuring a stress level when one uses the device in real time. This test shows stress levels on body organs. The machine is a western equivalent of the acupuncture diagnostic and reads stress levels of Skin, Nervous, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Pancreatic, Liver, Urogenital, Metabolism, Endocrinal and Immune systems prior to the BioShield’s placement on the device and during the BioShield’s use on the device. The stress test results show Vortex BioShield is effective in eliminating most or all of the frequencies causing this stress.

In other words, the organ stress levels do not increase to when VortexBioShield is used on an active device.

Vortex BioShields do not interfere with the functioning of cell phones, computers or common household appliances. Vortex Bio Shield can be relocated to another device. It does not have batteries or mechanical parts. It works as long as it is within 3 feet of your body. Our tests show that it works the best when it is in direct contact with the body that is why we recommend attaching it to the protective case - Simply stick it to the device and forget about it.

What are EMFs?

When any wired object – such as an antenna – conducts an alternating current it produces electro-magnetic frequencies. Therefore, it is easy to see that we are subjected to electro-magnetic radiation from innumerable sources. It cannot be seen or felt, but research has shown that EMFs interfere with the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Is Vortex BioShield guaranteed to physically reduce EMFs?

Vortex BioShield works with your body’s biological field using the sympathetic resonance phenomenon, and as a result of the unique components contained within the BioShield—ambient EMFs and radiation emitted by your device are transmuted and harmonized so that they are no longer harmful to your health.

See our Bio-meridian and Krillion photography test results.

Are cell phones safe? I heard they cause cancer.

Because of scull thickness, the same cell phone has different effects on different people. For that reason, EMFs are much more dangerous for kids and teenagers than adults. (See above photos)

For the first time on record, on May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogenic, putting mobiles in the same risk category as lead, the pesticide DDT, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

This research is based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use. The agency categorized cell phone radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as Category 2B – POSSIBLE CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS.

“The evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification…The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk,” said Jonathan Samet, of the University of Southern California, who chairs the IARC working group.

While this is not definitive proof of a phone-cancer link, when combined with numerous studies in the past, we can conclude that precautionary measures (which states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action) should be taken.

This dictates that manufacturers should be shouldering the burden of responsibility, however, in the absence of consumer conscious business practices—it is up to individuals to exercise caution and make prudent choices in protecting oneself by way of using some sort of EMF protection.

There are over 5 billion cell phone users worldwide. This issue of a possible link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer (as well as other possible health effects of cell phone radiation) will have to be addressed by the World Health Organization and Sovereign Governances.

That is why some public health experts and organizations like Environmental Health Group in the USA are asking for stronger consumer safeguards when it comes to cell phone radiation and cell phone safety.

With all other possible effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell phone towers, microwave ovens and so on, it is up to each individual to decide if the regulations imposed by the government are enough.

Are today’s standards sufficient to protect our health? We don’t think so, and we encourage everyone to take precautions to protect themselves from EMFs.

Where do I use the BioShield?

Once you stick it to your phone, the BioShield will be there for you wherever you go—whether you are on the phone, at home, in the office, or on vacation. Some people just like to carry the Shield in their pocket or during the practice of yoga, meditation and other similar activities

Does Vortex Bio Shield require a battery or power supply?

No, Vortex Bio Shield is a “green” device and functions purely on its design and composition properties.

  • Are humans the only ones who can benefit from Vortex BioShield?

    No. Animals, plants and other forms of life will also benefit from EMF radiation protection. Our customers report that small pets, often like to take the BioShield to their favorite hiding place. Do not leave them lying around loose!

    Are existing EMF public safety standards satisfactory?

    Unfortunately, they are too lenient. The process of setting such standards has little if any input from outside of the professional engineering field and closely related commercial interests. In conjunction with the fact that these emissions are invisible and intangible, the general public has been kept in the dark.

    Does this have to be attached directly to the device or does it still work the same if I attach it on my iPad cover/case?

    AIt designed to be attached to the case , but because art works with your energy field it just has to be near you to work, like in your pocket. But it is much convenient to just attach it to the case , to the bottom of the laptop or a case and forget about it

    Does this have an expiration date?

    There is no expiration date ( please keep it away from direct ultrasound cleaning devices and do not put inside the microwave ovens ( outside is OK)

    If I attached one on the modem, do my laptop and desktop still need their own?

    The Transviber has a local effect and as I mentioned it works with your aura field. When you have it on your modem it will protect you only when you near it, the rest of the tine it will convert the EMF field around it to harmonic frequencies and absorb the heat from EMF.

    NO, It will not protect you from the laptop EMF, because the laptop has its own transmitters that create EMF when they "talk " to a modem.

    so you will need one for each modem and laptop.

    I am considering getting the laptop bundle, but do they also work on tablets? We have a desktop, a tablet, a laptop, and a wireless modem/router.

    The Laptop Transviber is the strongest product we make at this time and as a quantum generator, it will be most efficient EMF protector. Will work with all WiFi devices. For IT people spending we recommend to attach to the edge of the desk or place it in front of the keyboard.

    I use some kind of tape (duct tape or packing tape) to help secure the shield on a tablet? My child would drop the tablet on a hard floor occasionally.

    The tape is very strong but it will not heard if you use the tape as well,. There are no moving parts and Transviber wound not be damaged. I noticed a lot of kids hold the tablet, this may be dangerous , that is why I created a stand that will hold the tablet for kids when they watch a show or store a cell phone to see the screen and notifications without actually having to handle the phone every time. It is helpful because you hand are free, no contact with the phone. Please see attached picture of my "traveling office"

    Could you please give an example of the ultrasound wave that we should be avoiding? Should I not bring the shield to a visit to an ob/gyn or dentist where an ultrasound/xray exam may be performed?

    The Quantum technology is based on the special frequencies that crystaline structure of crystal holds and emits this energy all the time much like a little light source, this is the energy that supports and maintains the high energy level for the user. When exposed to devices like ultrasound cleaning pools they loose this frequencies because ultrasound erases or damages them and they become useless. ( this comment applies more to our quantum jewelry, but it is good to know about it) You must have the shield in he dentist office just do not directly target it.

    Do you offer a discount code to use on your website? Since I am also planning on buying a couple more shields for our cellphones.

    This VortexBioShield item does not have a discount on amazon, but if you find onsite discount code it is " tryourproduct" on the checkout and you will get 20% discount on checkout.

    I notice that we are required to be within the proximity for this shield to work. How far is the most can we get protection from?

    It starts working from about 2 feet

    What are your warranty conditions/return policy?

    The crystals in the product are good for hundreds of years, unless its damaged by direts exposure to ultrasound, microwave and such

    How many transviber do I need for a wireless modem/router to be protected?

    Fyi: our wireless modem/router, wireless home phone, and microwave are located next to each other.

    Will the shield work if my tablet/cell are turned off?

    It never stops working , however, when a laptop is off it is more beneficial ( some people use it to bed because they sleep better)

    The tablet stand sounds very interesting. However, if we decided to buy the stand, do we still need the stickers attached on our devices as well? Would it be the same if we use the stickers and then put the tablet on a regular stand?


    I have been trying to keep my 3 year old away from the tablets as best as I could, but I can't be perfect at times. If we have the EMF protector attached to the tablet, would she still be affected in any ways?

    Yes it will help, but before 10 years old the EMF exposure is really damaging according to some sources, the reason being that at that stage the body has the maximum water content, and water being very programmable just like crystals absorbs the frequencies and gets effected by EMF with unwanted frequencies. You need to do your own research on this, it is not possible for me to explain all this to you in this format.

    From my understanding, having the shields around ultrasounds or xrays is okay, as long as it is not directly exposed to it. Please correct my if I am wrong.

    You are correct.

    Do you have/or plan on creating anything that could protect the whole house with only one shield?

    If you want all house to be a harmonic field. You should have some natural crystals around the house , ones they find their place they will start building the common interconnected field , as a result, you will have a natural , positive field.