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How Vortex BioShield  EMF radiation protectors Works?


This is a simplified, non-formal scientific explanation of how the Vortex BioShield Radiation Protectors work. We use this technology in all of our models of EMF radiation protection devices for cell phones, laptops, and tablets.


Vortex Bio Shield radiation protector employs 2 different phenomenon, which are the Piezoelectric effect of crystals, and Sympathetic resonance phenomenon and completely remove stress caused by Wi-Fi Radiation devices!


Vortex Bioshield with Piezoelectric effect:


The piezoelectric effect is a reversible process in which crystals generate electrical charge resulting from heat, electric field and pressure. Crystals in the bioshield absorb heat and convert it into electric charge. Later crystals release this energy. These charged crystals in effect become a Quantum generator and emit finite quants of energy, which energizes the natural body energy field using the sympathetic resonance phenomenon.


Vortex Bioshield with Sympathetic resonance phenomenon:


The Sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration phenomenon is a harmonic phenomenon wherein the formerly passive string or vibratory body begins to respond to external vibrations.  This is easily demonstrated when you have 2 violins close to each other and when you play one, the other one reverberates or becomes energized.


Physical body energetic field:


Every material body contains its own electromagnetic field. This field is a sum of the fields of all molecules in the body. When the special crystal energy in the EMF protector begins to interact with your body energy the body becomes energized. The energized body becomes vibrant and results in an increase of immune abilities to resist the external irritator like EMF radiation.


The result of Energy increase


The Increased energy field also clearly visible on aura pictures in before and after shots made with a Kirlian camera. This is only one type of tests we use to demonstrate the efficiency of our protectors. For other tests please Google Test & Results – VortexBioShield for our website test page


Test and test results with VortexBioshield


To show the stress removal when using our EMF radiation protectors, we also use Biofeedback stress tests from FDA approved a diagnostic device called the Biomeridian Machine. Biomeridian Machine test results show complete removal of EMF radiation stress. Biofeedback stress test, which measures stress levels from 14 different body systems by taking a measurement from the corresponding meridian points in the body. There are 3 separate tests done to compare and determine the harmonizing effect of piezoelectric crystals when you use the cell phone. The first one is a pretest or the normal stress levels before the test. The second and third tests are the levels with the phone only and with phone and bioshield protectors. When adding up and comparing the stress points we can see that all tests show that organ stress levels when using bioshield are below the levels of the pretest. For instance, total stress points on the pretest are 316 (100%), when with a phone the stress number goes up to 504 (160%) and with a cell phone and our EMF BioProtector stress points drop to  210 ( or 66%)

Which is 34 % below the initial pretest level.


Vortex BioShield removes stress from negative effects of EMF radiation


Conclusion: Vortex BioShield removes stress from negative effects of EMF radiation


Misleading radiation stickers.

The regular stickers protect only the portion of your hand facing the sticker because they only use the physical material absorbing (check test methodology). The main thing to remember is that EMF is not a vector but an energy ball directed in all directions and has an effect on the energy field and the little sticker does not work, this can be proven if you run our tests with this stickers, we know, because we have done it.


We hope our presentation helps with questions you may have about how to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

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