Radiation Level

The 10 Mobile Phones with Highest Radiation

To make people more aware, the EWG has compiled a report of more than 1000 phones so that consumers are aware of what radiation their cell phones are transmitting.
Levels vary widely, from 0.3 to 1.6, the legal limit, measured in watts per kilogram of body weight, also known as SAR (specific absorption rate), the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a wireless device phone.
A cellular telephone(s) main source of RF energy is its antenna. Therefore, the closer the antenna is to the head, the greater a person(s) expected exposure to RF radiation. The amount of RF radiation absorbed decreases rapidly with increasing distance between the antenna and the user.Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, which some believe may be harmful to human health. Other digital wireless systems, such as data communication networks, produce similar radiation.

.A new study released by the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio suggests an alarming increase in infertility amongst men who frequently use cell phones. In each of the four criteria singled out in the study sperm count, motility, viability and appearance  those who used cell phones more than four hours per day fared the worst in each category. 
This radiation also seems to affect a variety of brain functions including the neuroendocrine system. Additionally, cell phones have been associated with a 200-300% increase neuroepithelial tumours that occur on the same side of the brain that the cell phone was being used on.  

EMF Protection

Fortunately, all this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your cell phone in order to protect your health. And you don’t even have to limit your calls, get a headset, or watch how close to your body you keep your cell phone when you’re not using it. You can simply use Vortex Bio Shield protection.