EMF Harmonizing Bracelet White Globe Beads Medalion

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Product Description

138 New Product – EMF Harmonizing Bracelet Swarowski Clear Globe Beads 
Quantum EMF Jewelry constantly supplies and maintains users energetic body.
Please see our EMF Jewelry designed to provide 24/7 energy balances for the person regardlessof phone use.
– Quantum EMF Jewelry
– Transviber® – Crystal carrying Frequancy Transforming Device
– Neutralizes Negative Effects of EMF Radiation
– Provides Complete Stress reduction
– Thin Box Containing Crystals and Minerals
– Easy to Use – Just stick it to the case or Laptop
– Employs Phenomenon of Sympathetic Resonance
– Transviber® Increases Users Aura Field and Density
– Before and After Aura pictures
– Completely Removes Stress Caused by EMF
– Before and After Biofeedback Test Charts ( pretest, Before and After)
– Can be Carried in The pocket of Bra
– No Batteries, Diodes, Chargers
– EMF Causes System Stress 
– Just Put The Quantum Jewelry on , Look Cool and stay Protected!

Vortex BIoShield®  Jewelry –  Quantum EMF Radiation Neutralizer Protector.

– Provides Complete protection From Negative Effects Of EMF Radiation.
– Employs a Sympathetic Vibration Resonance Phenomenon Where Users Energetic 
Body Resonates With Harmonic Frequencies from Crystals contained in the TransViber® – Quantum EMF Radiation Harmonizing Protector. As a result of this phenomenon user aura get larger and Denser – Please see  before and after aura picture test verifying the fact of positive energy change on the users 
Please note that results may vary based on weight, age and exposure levels


                         Before                       And                                After

                                      See more here

When body is energized I with high Life (Chi) Energy it can easily repel negative vibrations from outside.This High energy created by Vortex BIoShield® eliminates the stress caused by EMF radiation from cell phones.



Biofeedback stress test result from

Biofeedback machine Stress Test 

See more here

Quantum EMF Jewelry Aura Test 


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